Welcome to Ranting and Racing, a small F1 blog that will cover the pre-, current-, and post-season in my ‘different’ way. I am British, and thus am slightly in favour of Messyrs Button and Hamilton, sailing on the good ship McLaren, but I am also a Team Lotus fan. Bear these caveats in mind when you read on!

I have recently been to the Virgin Racing MVR-02 Launch, as well as the Team Lotus factory, and the flew off to Jerez for three of the four days of the 2nd Testing Session. As you will see on youtube, there is the classic grainy mobile phone footage as well as some better stuff, and I will upload some of the photos we (me and my girlfriend) took there too.

I will be keeping my eye on the rest of testing, trying to fathom if any team has stolen a march on the others, or whether the status quo will be retained from 2010. We’re also still to see the final F1 car fully launched, the Hispania F111, and recent political events in Bahrain could mean the start of the 2011 season could be delayed a further week. We’ve also had Nick Heidfeld confirmed as the sadly missing Robert Kubica’s substitute for the year, and the first allocation of race tyres announced by Pirelli.

There’s certainly a lot of meat to chew at the moment… sounds about right for F1.


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