Virgin Racing losing ground to Lotus?

Marussia Virgin Racing driver Timo Glock has recently stated in an interview that the team’s new MVR-02 car is suffering from an aero problem that has lead them to believe they have lost ground to their ‘newer team’ rivals Team Lotus, to the tune of around a second. He stated in an interview with Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport that:

“It’s on the aerodynamic side,”
“We believe we have found it. Now we have to make sure we can resolve it.”

Glock still believes the team has made significant progress to 2010, especially regarding the reliability of the car, but thinks they are quite a way behind Team Lotus,

“”The gap to Lotus is already pretty big. On Sunday (at Barcelona) they were a second ahead of us. We know we have a problem and we need to solve it.

“So we just need Nick Wirth to build some new wings and we can move forwards.”

This is a big year for Virgin, who need to vindicate their staunch belief in their CFD-only design and development method. Whether they can remedy this first problem will be a good sign of that ability.


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