Williams hark back to Glory Days

Williams unveiled the definitive livery for their FW33 car yesterday in a presentation at their factory in Grove, UK. The car was presented alongside it’s predecessor the FW32, and displays the logos of new sponsor PDVSA. The livery itself is a retro-inspired one that evokes memories of the Rothmans-sponsored cars that Williams ran from 1994-1997, coinciding with a classic period of success for the team. The car retains the blue and white that has been part of the Williams image for the last ten years, but adds red and gold stripes that are directly influenced by the Rothmans ones of the 90’s.

Brings back memories of Hill, Villeneuve and Senna.

Notably, there are still quite a few ‘blank’ spaces on the car where new sponsor logos could be placed, such as a prominent position on the sidepods, and atop the monocoque. However Adam Parr has reassured the F1 media several times previously that there is no budget drop from 2010, after losing several key sponsors at the end of the season gone by.


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