I’m back baby: Fresh start!

With the F1 ‘Summer Hols’ upon us, and frankly not much for me to do in the interim(!), I’ve dusted off my post-testing blog project and have been thinking of slightly different things to do with it.

I’m looking at doing some Classic Race reports, though that’ll involve trying to find enough ones on Youtube for me to watch the whole thing. If not that then certainly some Top 10’s and lists are always good discussion points.

I’ve also thought about giving ‘Idiot’s driving guides’ to some of the upcoming tracks, using F1 2010 and my unmatched talent. Certainly pictures, maybe video of laps and a guide to them would be interesting, and would give a good comparison to how the layman goes about driving an F1 car, albeit virtually.

The F1 season always seems to go so quickly, but with this break there’s a real chance for drivers and teams to take stock of their work so far and see where they can improve in the latter half of the year. I do feel McLaren are emerging as the leading team, but perhaps at too late a point to do anything about Sebastian Vettel’s championship lead. The fact they’ve got both Button and Hamilton racing at the front is both a positive and negative for them. The team letting two highly rated (and frantically discussed and compared) drivers race wheel-to-wheel is commendable, but it has caused both drivers to drop points at the expense of a growing championship lead by Vettel. Seb is the Red Bull driver taking the lion’s share of points, podiums and wins, and that puts him in a better position immediately for the 2nd half of the year, as the calling rank on Mark Webber by the team in Silverstone showed was evident already.

I’ve got a feeling Vettel’s title will be wrapped up by Japan, if not at Suzuka itself where Red Bull are pretty much guaranteed to win.

Away from the track, the break also sees all the rumours and initial deals start to emerge about driver contracts, and the whole ‘Silly Season’ gets going in earnest not long after Spa. Again my initial reaction is that this year will not see much movement, partly because it’s so competitive at the moment, and also because for part of it we’re relying on an ‘external influence’ in the shape of Kubica. If he is going to race again, we’re not going to know for a while, and all that time there’s a potential Renault seat that’s had all sorts of names linked to it. We’ve had Webber to Ferrari, Button to Ferrari, Kobayashi to Red Bull, Grosjean to Renault as a mid-season replacement for Heidfeld (like that went well last time!?!) and countless others. Most of these are just bored journos and internet junkies trying to twist people’s words in something they can talk about. It’s fun but all speculation, at least until the summer break is over. After then, if something does come out, at least it’s been mentioned in a relevant time, and thus might have a smidgen of truth to it (despite the Silly Season moniker).

Both Sauber drivers are staying put for next year, but that’s about all we know ‘for sure’. I may do a piece on what I think the 2012 grid will look like, but only based on my own thoughts and preferences.

Anyway I think I’ve rambled on enough… I’ll start thinking of new things to put up and once I’ve done that… well… they’ll start appearing here!


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